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So Much Wind: The Myth of Green Energy

So Much Wind: The Myth of Green Energy

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Tunnisteet: Great britain  Europe  Science math  Historical  Technology 
Julkaisu Kaupunki/Maa:Birlinn (February 19, 2013)
The energy crisis is one of the most pressing and significant problems the world has to face. With limited resources of fossil fuels left, and the additional political and environmental issues that surround their use, it is clear that life on earth cannot continue as it is without the development of alternative sources of power. In Britain, many are rightly wary of expanding the nuclear energy programme. The UK Government's policy of support for wind energy and its attempts to achieve 20% electricity generation from renewable sources by 2020 has been lauded by many, yet described as "a fatuous obsession" by others. Scotland's targets are five times more ambitious and therefore invite intensive scrutiny. The time has come to expose Scotland's green energy myth. The truth is that wind turbines violate the principle of fairness by transferring vast amounts of money from the poor to the rich. They despoil our unique landscape and environment; they risk plunging the nation into a devastating energy crisis and through noise, the flicker-effect and vibration, they abuse the health and welfare of people and animals which have to live near them. They are visual monstrosities that produce a trickle of electricity at vast cost to the consumer and they do not significantly reduce CO2 emissions.

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