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Anuradhapura: Volume II, The Artefacts (British Archaeological Reports)

Anuradhapura: Volume II, The Artefacts (British Archaeological Reports)

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Alkuperäinen muoto:Paperback 696 sivut.
4.2/5 (Ääntä: 436)
Kieli:Suomalainen, English
Tunnisteet: Archaeology 
Julkaisu Kaupunki/Maa:British Archaeological Reports (June 15, 2006)
The site of Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka, is important, from two principal points of view. In the first place it has played a significant role in the history and cultural traditions of Sri Lanka as a whole. Secondly, Anuradhapura has a more immediate, specific importance from an archaeological point of view on account of the extent, depth and richness of the occupation deposits. This has been demonstrated by the research done there by archaeologists during the last century. This work has opened the way to achieving a better understanding of Early Historic Sri Lanka than was hitherto possible and provided an excellent basis for further investigation. The investigations described here had the advantage of a number of modern techniques, including geophysical methods of surface survey, three-dimensional recording of levels and finds in excavation, and ample radiocarbon measurements. The present, second volume, The Artefacts, describes the artefacts and other finds and relates them to the dated sequence of archaeologically identified layers, thus clothing the dated structural framework with cultural material.

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