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Fragments to Freedom

Fragments to Freedom

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Alkuperäinen muoto:Paperback 280 sivut.
4.5/5 (Ääntä: 1079)
Kieli:Suomalainen, English
Tunnisteet: Ministry evangelism  Counseling recovery 
Julkaisu Kaupunki/Maa:WinePress Publishing (May 5, 2011)
Do you wonder if you can be free from torment? Do you doubt you can have a sound mind? Do you wonder if anyone is safe? Do you notice those severely shattered in church and want to know how to help? Do you want to effectively minister to them, even those with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) and Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) backgrounds? This book is for the broken and helpers of the hurting. Specific insights and tools are given for the helper as they minister to unique issues involved in healing with DID and SRA. Also included are issues related for the hurting and those desiring to be free from difficult issues in their life. This book exposes emotional, mental, and spiritual struggles of my journey healing from DID/ SRA. It provides insight to the hurting and to the helper in how freedom is possible. Wholeness can be a reality through Jesus Christ. "As I have extensively traveled the world, I have seen such devastation in the hearts and lives of so many people. It has been wonderful to see so many healed. Joy shares some of the hell that she went through...not stayed in! She is willing to share what happened to her and how she received COMPLETE freedom through Jesus Christ. I encourage everyone to read this book and get completely free." Joan Hunter Founder/ President of Joan Hunter Ministries Author of Healing the Heart, and many other books

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